Finding A Summer Job At 15

It is officially summer!

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As stated by High School Musical, “No more waking up at 6 am, now our time is all our own!” You have finally ended the nightmare called Freshman year and you are so ready to get a move on with more fun and interesting things. The idea of having money is a staple in every teenagers mind at one point or another. Maybe some don’t need it necessarily as much as others do, but it still doesn’t hurt to get some work experience for later on in the future. So you think to yourself, “Where do I even start?” In this article I will be sharing 5 quick tips from personal experience to help increase your chances of snagging a summer job. Keep in mind that you have to really want a job and give a lot of effort into pursuing it; if you want to ensure you get hired.

  • Look In Advance       I know it may seem pretty extreme to say to look at least 2 maybe 3 months before the summer actually starts. Looking while school is still in session gives you a big head start because most people aren’t thinking to look that early in, and you will have less competition once the summer starts for finding a job. Also, you may be beat out a lot by upperclassmen and college students, this is okay!


  • Make A Resume  In order to help combat the advantage upper classmen have over getting picked for more jobs than you is to make a resume. Show a company why they should hire you and how you can contribute to the success of their business. It doesn’t have to be anything groundbreaking; just highlight the best qualities you have or things you have been a part of that show off your character. Captain of a sports team? Show it off! Explain  why this shows you’re a good leader in the work environment! Volunteered a couple of hours at a senior center? Show it off! Tell them why your dedication and passion is needed in their store.


  • Be Persistent    Fill out an application online or in store and make sure to follow up! Call every day or every other day and make sure they know who you are so they can review your application. Employers will be receiving many applications, especially during the summertime where everyone is trying to find a job. Make sure you are memorable so they could call you in for an interview!


  • Forget online and go into the stores   It is very intimidating to just waltz into a store asking for a job, I admit! But sometimes when you apply for a job online they will not allow you to because you have to be above 16 or 18. Companies are more hesitant to hire 15 year olds because of their time restrictions and they are minors, and could get into serious trouble if anything happens. However many jobs will hire 15 year olds, you just have to be resilient and show you really need the job for them to consider giving it to you. Take the initiative to go into the store and ask the manager personally. They may or may not tell you just tell you to go online and fill out an application, if that’s the case move on into another store and try again!


  • Apply through Summer Youth   Many teens aren’t aware of the amazing advantage of applying for a job through summer youth. Schools don’t do enough to inform kids on this opportunity, but better for you meaning there will be less competition. Your local summer youth will find a job for you once you fill out an application and your pay will be through them as well! Your rate depends on where you live but it is usually about 9.75 an hour. That is a great starting amount! Ages 15 through 23 can apply for summer youth so you want to move fast. Application deadlines are usually before June in the state of New York, so make sure this is really the direction you want to take for summer.

These 5 tips are guaranteed to help you be more qualified for a job this summer. Remember to be safe and always let your parents know when you’re applying for a job or meeting up for an interview, stay positive and dedicated! Happy spending’s and good luck!




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