About Tabitha Gray


Hey guys, my name is Tabitha and I live in Manhatten, NYC. I have platforms on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Radish, Snapchat and Wattpad!

You may know me from Wattpad as Tabitha Gray (@ATeenageLatina), the author of Wanna Make Some More Friends? , FYI, Romeo and Juliet are the exceptions, NOT not the rule!  and Life Was Just Peachy, and I was the Core… Or So I Thought. This is my blog where I post mainly about my stories, lifestyle, fashion, books, and school; or whatever I feel like lol.

One thing I always want my followers to know is that these platforms I have are all my hobbies. I don’t know yet if I will pursue any of these as a career, and that’s okay I’m only 16. Right now, my #1 priority will always be my education and well being, thank you for understanding that.

If you would like to personally contact me for any reason at all, to know about my books, blog posts, or for business inquiries you can contact me through carrillotabitha13@gmail.com

Twitter- @TabbyGray13

Instagram- @tabbygray13

Wattpad- @ATeenageLatina – Tabitha Gray

Tumblr- @ateenagelatina