Hey guys! My name is Tabitha and I am 15 years old aka a Sophmore. I live in New York City and was born on December 30, 2001. I am hispanic and a strong advocate on many topics, such as education, mental illness stigma,bullying, feminism, equality for minorities, saving the Earth etc.

I have a passion for learning, photography, business, fashion and makeup.

My goals are to go to UC Berkeley, California to major in Business and get my MBA, so that I can become a successful business woman/entrepreneur here in New York City.

As an amateur blogger I am always open to learn more, as this is my hobby. If you have any advice or criticism to help better my writing, please do not hesitate to share it with me!

If you are a company and are looking to work together, for business inquiries contact me at tabithacarr4business@gmail.com

Stay in touch with me through my social media!